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mmmmm, more please.

Kaily had her first taste of baby food yesterday. At the doctor’s suggestion, we started with straight prunes. She’s having some constipation issues, so we are delaying cereal for awhile. She didn’t know what to do with it at first, but she knew she liked how it tasted. We were quite surprised that she gobbled up about 2 tablespoons on her first try with solids. She had more today, and I couldn’t feed her fast enough. In other news, I took Kailyn to the doctor on Thursday, and she weighs 11 pounds, 2 ounces. We’re very thankful that she is growing and developing so well!


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Melia has a new smile and a cute little lisp. Yesterday as we were walking out to the car after preschool, Melia’s mouth met the sidewalk. She knocked out a tooth, but we didn’t know it for quite awhile because the swelling was so bad. She handled it all very well. I felt SO terrible for her, but she is actually very happy. She likes looking like she’s a six year old. We called the dentist, and they said this happens all the time. I ended up taking her in to see him today, just to make sure the whole tooth came out. The x-ray showed that all is well and that she will likely have a cute little space in her smile for about a year. She is enjoying learning how to eat, whistle, and speak without one of her front teeth. Today she made the observation that the state of Mississippi must be a girl. When I asked her to explain, she said because it has a “missus” in it. Precious, especially with her lisp.

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Happy Easter

We had a nice Easter weekend. The Austins and Melissa (Graig’s sis) were here to celebrate Mel’s birthday and Easter. We also participated in the Saline Easter Egg hunt. You get to go around to area businesses and gather treat-filled eggs. What a nice little small-town activity for the kids. We enjoyed going to church, and I’m really looking forward to when Kaily can go with us. Hopefully soon! We just have to wait until flu season is safely behind us. We hope you had a great Easter, too.

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Here’s a picture I took on St. Patrick’s Day. So sweet.

Also, Macie has decided that boppies aren’t just for babies. She enjoys Kaily’s Boppy pillow often.

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moving day

Kailyn has made the big move. Last night was the first night that the girls shared a room. Kailyn has been napping in her crib in the girls’ shared room, but she has been sleeping in her bassinet in our room during the night. Melia has been begging for Kaily to move to their room for awhile, and now her wish has come true. The first night went well. It took me quite awhile to be ready for her to sleep away from me because of her apnea and reflux, but it really is for the best. Melia is thrilled to be sharing her room, and Kaily seems to like it, too. Little do they know, they will likely have to share space with each other for the next several years.

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bowling anyone?

Kailyn had a checkup last week, and she weighs 10 lbs. 6 oz! A little bigger than a bowling ball. For the past two monthly checkups, she has grown 1.5 pounds a month. We’re all excited about that. Her doctor thinks she is doing great and doesn’t need to see her for two months! She also talked about starting her on some baby food in the next few weeks. I wasn’t planning on trying to feed her food until May (that’s when she would have been 6 months old), but we may be trying some sooner than we planned. As of tomorrow, she will be completely on formula for every feeding, and she is digesting it well so far. She is also off of her reflux medicine now. We had a few small issues the first couple of days, but she’s doing well now.

Kaily has started to giggle. It’s so fun to hear her little laugh, but we have to work quite hard to hear it. If you ever peek into our windows, you will probably see us doing all kinds of silly things to hear that magic sound. Peek-a-boo works for a short time, but then you have to think of sillier, more creative things to hear her giggle. She is not easily amused, but we’ll keep trying.

Feeding times have become a bit more challenging. Kaily has decided that she wants to “help” us by holding her bottles. She can be quite opinionated about it sometimes. Of course she can’t control her hands to that extent yet, but she wants to try. She may be starting to show more of her personality. If so, she is going to be a very determined girl.

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meet pinky

Melia has a new addition to her stuffed animal family. We all (even Kailyn!) made the trek to Twelve Oaks mall on Friday to Build-A-Bear. Though initially disappointed that Build-A-Bear didn’t have any cats to choose from, Melia has a blast creating her own stuffed animal. She wanted nothing to do with the bears, so she found a bunny–pink of course. We enjoyed watching her build her bunny, choose a fancy dress, and a fancy, furry bed. She named her bunny Pinky. We are SO proud of her choosing to stop sucking her thumb. However, not long after Melia decided to stop, Kaily decided to start. Kailyn knows exactly how to put her thumb in her mouth now, and she often does. She still has a few more years before dad tells her what happens when you have to get braces. 🙂

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