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one more

One more post about Thanksgiving, mostly so I don’t forget what we did this year.

Kait was thrilled to help Aunt C decorate a couple of the Christmas trees that she brings out each year.  Yes, she has several small ones, and her home is so festive and fun at Christmas.

The girls (and I) were enthralled by her Christmas village and couldn’t wait to get home to set up our mini-version, too.

Kait and Grandma created some festive cranberry jelly.

(Please try to ignore the fact that I took a picture of red food on a clear plate on top of a red tablecloth.  It’s the only picture I took of Thanksgiving food.  I was a little busy trying to handle some antsy, hungry girls and didn’t plan well with food photos)

After nap time we attempted to make some turkey shaped rice crispy treats, but they turned out–how shall we say–an artistic interpretation.   Yummy, though!

The next morning, Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Mel made the annual date-filled cookies and allowed the girls to help.  We love these once-a-year treats!

We ended each evening with a rousing game of some kind.  There were many laughs and much fun had by all.


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On Thanksgiving morning the little girls and Grandpa walked down the road to a little “creek”.  They were a bit stir crazy waiting for Thanksgiving lunch, so we decided to burn some energy and have some fun throwing sticks and rocks into the water.

Rose had a blast.  I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

Of course, being men, Grandpa and G made a game of throwing branches into the water and watching them go over the falls.

Me?  I just documented the event between prayers that no one would fall in and head down the rapids.  That would NOT make for a good Thanksgiving.  I am thankful that only sticks and rocks made the plunge that day.

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we are thankful

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Each year we do something different, and this year we visited Aunt C and Uncle L in Ohio.  I know!  The same weekend as the HUGE MI/OSU game.

We managed to coexist just fine, despite the rivalry tension that permeated the house.  🙂

G and I were SO excited to get to do some Christmas shopping on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving while everyone else hung out with our girls.  Then on Thanksgiving, we had an AMAZING lunch and some crafting and treat-making fun.  More on that later.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, too.

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fall hike

The little girls and I joined Kait on a recent Girl Scout hike.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I borrowed a jogging stroller from our friends and hoped that Rose and Pendo could take turns riding in it during the walk in the woods.  The little ladies quickly decided that they BOTH wanted to ride in the stroller.

Kait helped push all of 30 seconds then went off to join her friends and leave us in the dust.  We didn’t mind.  We discovered lots of fun things.

Fuzzy acorns,

beautiful berries,

funky fungi,

and large leaves.

And we all had a beautiful walk in the woods.

Well, those of us age four and under had a lovely stroller ride through the woods while their mommy huffed and puffed her way down the trail while thanking the good Lord that we didn’t see the snake that the rest of the troop happened upon.

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love these

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raking for seniors

Last Saturday we were able to join some friends from church and rake leaves for some senior citizens in our area.  Our church participates in this rather large, community-wide event each year, but this is the first year that we’ve been able to join in.  The weather was beeee-you-tee-ful.  We started out in our winter coats, but it didn’t take long before we were warm enough to toss them aside.

I wasn’t too sure how the little girls would do at this task.  They were both thrilled to have their own rake, and they didn’t mind a bit that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too big for them.  As long as we kept our eyes open and were quick on our feet, we were able to dodge their rakes as they swung them high in the air.

This is what 25 bags of leaves looks like.

We managed to get a lot of work done and still have lots of leaf-jumping fun.

And here’s our group .  . .  Thanks for the fun, and we hope to do it again next year.

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my girl and her stuff

Why, yes, we have an 8-year-old daughter.  And this is how she likes to decorate her space.

She has each thing just so, and I want to remember these days.  The sweet puppy and kitten and rainbow days.  The days before the current teen heartthrob graces her walls.

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