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There are many obstacles to overcome for this adoption to take place, and we would love for you to pray for us that God would miraculously work out all the details. In order for us to leave our home and live in Kenya for up to a year, we need several things to happen. God has already done some major miracles to allow this happen. Our church pastors are looking for ways to allow G to continue working for our church while in Kenya – a huge miracle! The Kenyan adoption laws changed about one and a half years ago, we’ve been waiting for an American agency to be approved to help Americans adopt from Kenya. We found out that one American agency has been approved! We applied in early January and were recently approved to be one of the first American families to adopt from Kenya under the new regulations, another big miracle!Right now we are finishing up the final requirements of our homestudy, the first step for adopting. After we receive our official homestudy report, we will be applying for several grants and continuing to try to get everything done.  Many of you know that S’s parents, brother, and sister-in-law are missionaries in Kenya. While we will get to see them more often, we will be living eight hours from their town. We really need your prayers that God will provide the perfect place for us to live around Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. We are really hoping that we will be able to rent the home of a missionary family who is back in the US for their furlough. That way we wouldn’t have to buy everything that goes into setting up a home in a foreign country.Another huge prayer request is that God will provide all the money that we need to adopt. We have just enough money for the first step, and we are trusting God will provide the funds that are needed at the right time. The total cost of this adoption could be around $30,000.Some people have asked how they can help us in this adoption journey. We need people praying every day. We need to see things happen that only God can do


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