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I am currently in a bloggy slump.  That’s fairly obvious to the few who still stop by this tiny little corner of the World Wide Web.

I have a few guesses as to why I haven’t been blogging.

April was an overly busy month here at the Austin house.  G traveled for work, I planned and executed two birthday parties and was the photographer at another one, my mom came for a nice 4 day visit, and I’ve been dreading the arrival of May.  You see May is when G travels to the other side of the world for at least two weeks while I hold down the fort with the help of Aunt Mel and Grandma and Jesus.  G is currently in Kenya for 2 weeks, which actually seems quite short.  He usually takes people with him for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

Another reason I haven’t wanted to blog is that I’m in a MAJOR photography funk.  I’m not at all happy with the things that have been coming out of the camera when I’m behind the lens.  I know what I want it to look like, and when it doesn’t, I get frustrated.  I’m taking a photography break (for the most part) for a few weeks.

Probably the main reason I haven’t been here is because my thoughts are fairly consumed with a major change that is coming in the very near future.  Beginning next Monday, I’m going to grad school.  It’s only one class to begin with, and it’s going to be a really fun and applicable topic to my current phase of life so I’m excited about that.  This first class is about how kids play and develop, and since I have three girls smack dab in the center of this phase of life I hope it will give me some new perspective and ideas to help our summer go a little more smoothly than last summer.  I’m excited and nervous to be the student again.  I haven’t seen a syllabus or written a paper for credit in 16 years.  I don’t even know how to take notes in class anymore.  Back in the old days we didn’t have laptops or ipads.  We still don’t have an ipad, and I hope I don’t need to get one for class.   See these are the things I don’t know.  I also don’t know the best place to find used books (maybe Amazon?) or how to write a research paper in APA style.  I had to ask my friend to take me on a tour of campus, and we had to figure out where’s the best, safest, cheapest place to park when I drive in for class.  It’s going to be weird to add homework and lots of reading to my already full schedule, but I’m really excited about it and quite motivated to get to it.  I think I am more organized when I’m busier.  I guess I’ll know for sure in a few days.

So . . . all that to say, it might be quiet around here for awhile.  Until I figure out what life is going to be like with homework and kids, until I come out of my photography funk, and especially until G gets back from Kenya.


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