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ice skating?

Last Monday I decided to surprise Kait after school and stop by an outdoor rink that’s kind of on our way home.   Kait has only been ice skating one time, when we went in Bryant Park in New York City on Christmas Eve.  *sigh*  Loved it!  Anyway, I had the little ladies bundled up in their “ready for snow” clothes, and they all three headed out on the ice.

Off to a good start.

And . . . we’re down,

and down, and . . . . wait for it . . . .

watch Pendo and Kait . . .

down again!

Every time someone fell, Rose just laughed and laughed!  Let’s just say there was a little bit of skating success and LOTS of laughter this particular afternoon.




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OK.  This is just too cute, but a little background info first.  Our eldest daughter, Kait, readily admits she doesn’t like to play with toys.  She really never does, unless she’s with a friend.  She’d rather read or do a craft than anything else, but she also likes to bake and play around with cooking, too.  She’s recently developed a real interest in science.

With some Christmas gift-card “money”, she chose this.

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I LOVE the Magic School Bus.  Ahhh . . . good memories from the ol’ classroom days.  Anyway, Kait chose this MSB science kit.

It has (almost) everything you need to do a bunch of science experiments, including flasks and petri dishes!  Soooooo fun!

The first experiment we’re doing requires a few days to complete.  Every day she carefully checks it

and records her data.  Shouldn’t be long now until we see some mold-growth, at least that what she’s hypothesizing will happen.  (Is hypothesizing even a word?)  We’ve only conducted two experiments so far, and we have lots more to try.  My favorite part is seeing her really light up and get truly excited to do everything on her own.  I also love that it’s quality time I get to spend with her apart from our regular read-aloud chapter books.  Just something a little different that we can do together when the little ones have gone to sleep.  If we like this kit a lot, maybe we’ll even try another one of them.  It’s a good gift idea for any budding scientists in your life as well.

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play time

On Sunday afternoon, I took the little ladies for a play date at a local children’s play area.  It was their first time there, and it was a big hit!  One of their favorite parts was the grocery store area.

Rose needed TWO baskets for all of her planned purchases, and she crammed them as full as they could be.

She loved carrying them around and trying to find more things to cram into her baskets before heading to

the self-checkout line.

Pendo preferred practicing

and practicing

and practicing her knife skills, just like Daddy.

It was the perfect thing after the unwelcome visitor named the stomach flu.



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We’ve made some big progress in the past four days!

#1.  For the first time in 3 years and 5 months, we are no longer warming up milk for little girls!!  They are drinking it cold!!  (I know.  We should have done this ages ago, but other things were more important)  It took about a month, but we baby-stepped Rose and Pendo to drinking their milk cold by just warming it up a second or two less every day.   Now to break the chocolate-syrup-in-the-milk habit . . .

#2.  One of the little ladies has now been able to play with the special “I pooped on the potty” toy TWICE!!!  It’s too early to declare her fully potty trained, but we are getting close now!!!

And for fun, here’s a couple of pics from awhile ago when our van was in the shop and we got to squeeze into G’s car for a week.

See, they do love each other!!  I need to look at this pic when they are struggling with sharing and using their inside voices (AKA screaming over the same toy).

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It’s really hard to wait for your turn when you’re 2 1/2.

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We’ve been hit hard here at the Austin house.  The stomach flu came bursting through our door during the night Friday night and has proceeded to wrestle us to the ground one by one.  Kait was down for the count for three days, and Rose  was flat on her back for two days.  Pendo was next, and then it was my turn.   I can’t even tell you how many loads of laundry have been washed, how little sleep we’ve managed to cope with, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve changed my clothes from being puked on.  We’ve watched more PBS in the past five days than we do in 14 days when we are well.  One good thing has come from it, and I have to search long and hard for something good, let me tell you.  I’m worn out, for sure, but I realized today that I’m not worn down from arguing and normal 2 and 3 year old sister behavior.  It appears that the little ladies have taken a brief break (while they are not feeling well) from disagreeing, from demanding the same thing and the same time, from both begging for the pink cup and the red plate, and from pushing each others’ buttons.   Yay for a reprieve from selfishness!!  Today has been back to normal around here.  I can finally look at food again without wanting to vomit, and my kitchen is actually clean.  I’ll post the pictures soon, the only ones I’ve taken in a very long time, the ones that caused such big smiles from the little girls.

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I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been hoping to find time to go to Treasure Mart.  Well, I did get my chance on Saturday.  Long story short, Kait is quite sick with what is likely a stomach flu so our my entire weekend plans had to change.  The girls and I have just been home.   It is very difficult for me to stay home with 3 girls in our cozy condo, without being able to go outside or go anywhere for even one day.  I need to go places, people!!  Don’t get me wrong.  I can tend to be  a homebody, but I need to go at least one place a day or I go a little bit stir-crazy.  That’s how it was going on Saturday.  G had to work quite a bit, so I asked him if I could PLEASE go to Treasure Mart for a quick peek when he returned from work in the afternoon.  He graciously obliged and I loved every minute in Treasure Mart.  That place is just crammed with other people’s stuff, and it’s so interesting to see what you can find.  Most of it is stuff that you would think “Who in the world would buy that?”, but there are some gems mixed in, too.  I am on the hunt for something to store our art supplies in, and I found a couple of options.  Sidenote:  these pics were taken with my phone, so forgive the poor quality and weird angles.  I just took them to show G what I had found and get his opinions on them.

#1.  an old pulpit

I just had to smile at this one.  Wouldn’t it be fun to store art supplies in an old pulpit?  I grew up looking at something like this every Sunday of my childhood.  Turns out it was a bit too big for our space, so no dice on this one.

#2  a “music cabinet”

I liked this one a lot.  It was certainly in the price range, and the size worked well for us as does the color, but the insides needed a bit of work, and I couldn’t commit to it unless G saw it in person and agreed to help.  Darn!  Had to pass this one by.

#3 an ooooooooooold refrigerator

Sigh.  I’m in love.  No matter that it is out of our price range (most likely, but you better believe I’ve schemed and schemed about how we could afford it).  It’s a bit on the large size for our space, and it’s not actually all that great for storing art supplies, but isn’t it AMAZING?  I really do love it.  I’ve been thinking about it since I got home Saturday.  I talked myself out of it, though.  It’s not perfect, and it’s too much money, but I love it and can see it in our future home, too.  I love that it’s a piece of history that’s fun and funky today.  I’m so tempted to go back tomorrow to see if they still have it.  It’s most likely not meant to be, and I can live with that.  You better believe I’ll be checking back at this store in the future, though.  So many fun, quirky things.  I’m sure to find something fun that will work.

In other news . . . here’s a hint at what we’ve been doing the past two days while we’ve been holed up at home.

Big smiles from big fun that those of us who aren’t sick (for the time being) have been enjoying.  More pics to come after I edit them and do my best to stop longing for that old refrigerator.

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