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more s’mores

First of all, no whooping cough here in the Austin house.  Whew!  I knew we had all been vaccinated, but I’ve heard that doesn’t always protect you.  Anyway, that mini-crisis was averted.

It’s been a crazy week with 2 visits to the doctor and another possible one tomorrow, depending on how Rose’s oddly swollen eye does tonight.  After a looooooooong time on the phone with the nurse today, it looks like we all are just five more victims of this crazy allergy season.  We have a plan of attack and are hoping that the next few days will find us coughing much less.

In spite of all the coughing, the girls and I have been busy having fun.  Here’s a few more pictures of our s’mores.

The jiko is patched and it’s working great.  I think it looks a little like a giraffe–appropriate since it came from Kenya.

Here’s to more sticky fingers in the near future.


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Today is G’s birthday.  We celebrated by going sailing.

OK, not really.

We went sailing with some friends a couple of weeks ago.  It was really fun, and quite chilly out on the lake.

G and Kait went sailing once last year, but this was the first time for me, Rose and Pendo.  Unfortunately my camera battery died about 10 minutes into our outing.  Oh well.


It really is G’s birthday.  Happy b-day, babe.


The girls and I may or may not have whooping cough.  I was tested today at the doctor’s, and we’ll know soon.  YIKES!

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G and I try to get alone time with our girls as often as possible, which isn’t usually often enough for me.  We take them on little dates as our schedule allows.  A few days ago, Pendo and I took a picnic lunch and explored an old caboose while the older girls were busy elsewhere.

Pendo was a mostly-willing participant when I asked her if I could take her picture.

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We spent part of Mother’s Day with our friends J and S also.  The girls enjoyed their hammock.  This was when we had our caterpillars, and the little ladies really liked pretending they were curled up in their cocoon.

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park pics

A few weeks ago, when we still had to wear jackets, we went to a park with our friends J and S.  They took some cute pictures of the girls and graciously allowed me to share them here.

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three in a row

We’ve had three special days in a row.

On Friday we celebrated the last day of school and welcomed in the summer schedule with (what else?) our first s’mores of the season.

Yes, the jiko is working!!  I might post more pictures soon, but for now here’s a couple.

Also on Friday we went to a Cash and Cari sale not far away, and the little ones were filmed.  Who knows if they will be in that episode or not, but it was fun to go to another sale.

On Saturday we celebrate Pendo’s Gotcha Day!  It’s hard to imagine life without her in our family now that she’s been with us for 2 years.

And today, of course, was Father’s Day.  The girls (really just Kait) planned a treasure hunt for Daddy to find his gift, and as soon as he got home from church, Rose started  pointing out the clues to him even though we weren’t going to do the hunt for a couple more hours. She was more excited about it than anyone.

Happy Father’s Day, G.  All of your girls LOVE you!

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the collector

From the time she could walk and hold things at the same time, Rose has been a collector.  She’s ALWAYS on the lookout for little “treasures” to carry around in her hands or in her pockets or in a purse or in any old bag or in a bucket or really in anything that will hold something else.  She is rarely empty-handed.

She has a habit of loading her treasures until there is no. more. room. for. anything.

Take a closer look.

I count three large baby dolls, two small babies, and two stuffed animals.  I think there’s even a baby bottle or two tucked in there somewhere.  Whew!

Maybe we should encourage her to pursue a career in designing new ways to pack things together tightly.

Even when she’s riding her trike, she’s collecting things and carrying them along.

That’s my Rose.  Quirky, fun, collecting Rose.

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