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For the past couple of weeks Kait has enjoyed every minute of playing with a new friend.  She is about a month younger than Kait, and she’s visiting her grandma who happens to be our next-door neighbor.  The girls played together a bit last year when R visited her grandma, but this year we’ve been home the entire two weeks of R’s annual visit.  Oh how I wish R lived closer!!  The girls have been together every minute possible without ever getting bored or having one disagreement.  Amazing.

This visit also coincided with the arrival of my new camera, so the first couple of pictures were of Kait and her new friend.

I love this huge, authentic laugh, and

here’s proof that Kait is her father’s daughter.  I love seeing her silly side when she’s with friends.

R and Kait tried their hand at catching fireflies one evening.

This was Kait’s first experience with catching bugs, and she wasn’t that thrilled about touching them.

Maybe next time we’ll fill up the jar.

(and yes, I LOVE the new camera!)


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family fun

Last weekend we were very excited to welcome my brother, my sister-in-law, and our two nieces for a couple of days of family fun.

Considering we have five girls between us, with four of them age 3 or under, we managed to pack a lot of fun into our brief time together.

The cousins had SO much fun playing together!

We snuck in a few family photos for Grandma,

and we enjoyed getting to know our newest member of the family, baby C.

It was a short but very sweet visit.  Looking forward to next time.

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On this incredibly warm summer day (my phone says it’s currently 99 degrees), I thought it might be appropriate to post some pics from the archives.

The little girls are keepin’ cool Kenyan style.  Nothing beats splashing in a bucket of cold water on a warm day,

except maybe chillin’ in nothin’ but a diaper.

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beep, beep

When we lived in Kenya, we borrowed a little car for the girls to play with from some missionaries who were mostly finished with it.  We spent hours pushing that car around.  Kait was really too big to play with it, but Rose and Pendo used it every day.  I was looking through some old pictures from Kenya a few days ago, and I came across this one.

Just LOOK at those squishy cheeks!  When the girls played with it together, it would usually end up this way with Pendo riding and Rose pushing.  They both really preferred it this way.

A few weeks ago we were at a birthday party and the little ladies found another car to play with.

They immediately started playing with it the same way they did two years ago!  Fascinating!

Rose wasn’t quite as content to just push the car this time, but they did a good job (for once) taking turns.

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When we were up north with G’s side of the family, all 20 of us headed out to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

If you haven’t been there, it’s a HUGE area of sand dunes, and this is us about halfway up.

The view from halfway up, and all five of us made it to the top!!

In this pic you can just barely see G and Pendo trekking up the final stretch.  I was so proud of the all the girls for making it to the top.  It was a workout!!

The BEST part was running all the way down!!

I wish we could have spent more time there to explore the many other areas of the park, but maybe next time.

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one, two . . . three!

One . . .

. . . two . . .

. . . three!!!

Can it be true?  Pendo turns three today!

We were able to celebrate with my brother and his family who happened to be visiting us this weekend.

Precious Pendo, we are incredibly thankful that you are our sweet girl.  We love you and enjoy you, and we’ve treasured every minute of watching you grow and change this year.  You are no longer our little baby, and we are thankful every day that God blessed us with you.  You add spice and challenge and cuddles and laughs to our family, and we are forever grateful for the miracle of you.  Happy 3rd birthday, sweet one!

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at the cabin up north

I mentioned earlier that we had the amazing opportunity of going up to northern Michigan for a family reunion.  G’s aunt had an especially special birthday this year.  I won’t tell you how old she is, but there is a 7 and a 0 in her age now, though you would NEVER in a million years guess it if you know her at all.  I think she acts at least 15 years younger than she is.  Kind of like myself.  🙂  Anyway, we celebrated by spending last week catching up and hanging out with first and second cousins that we hadn’t seen in waaaaaaay too long.  Kait had a BLAST with her cousins that are just a bit older than her.  She learned to make balloon animals (aren’t you proud, Nyanya?), and she spent hours and hours each day with her cousins floating in the lake or creating small cities in the sand.  We also took a couple of day trips, but we spent a lot of time just hanging out by the lake with this crazy crew.

Here is the birthday girl, Aunt C, and her sister who happens to be my second mom.

As one who never had a sister, it’s really neat for me to see these two ladies together.  They are SO different from each other, but their love and respect and enjoyment of each other is incredibly obvious.

I pray every day that my little ladies will have a lifelong connection like this–that their hearts would be knit together and they would enjoy each other all of their lives.

I’ll post some more pictures as soon as I can, more for my sake than yours.  This little blog has become my little scrapbook as time goes on.

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