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The Florida Aquarium also had a splash-pad-kind-of-thing.  We didn’t bring bathing suits because we didn’t expect to play at the splash pad, but the girls had a BLAST!


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Look at that turtle!  Yikes!

And that fish!

Pendo wanted to jump right into the water.  This girl really thinks she is part fish.

The girls weren’t too excited about the touch tank, probably because they thought the water was too cold.

Pendo is pretending to be a hermit crab.

When can we go back?

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florida fun

G and I took the girls down to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle.  We haven’t seen them in 3 1/2 years, and they hadn’t met either of the little girls yet.  My mom joined us there, too, so it was family-Florida-fun time.  Try saying that five time fast.  OK.  I just tried, and it wasn’t that difficult.  Anyway . . .

we were there about five days, and we had lots of fun visiting a few different parks, a pool, the beach, and the Florida Aquarium.  No, we didn’t get to Orlando to see the big Mouse, but maybe in a couple of years (at least that’s what I’m reeeeeeally hoping for).

All of us LOVED being at the beach.

The girls were thrilled to be in the middle of a giant sandbox, and they collected sea grass, sea shells, and rocks.  So, so, so, so much fun!  More pics to come.

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we’re back!

What?  You didn’t know we were gone?

G and I took the girls somewhere for a few days.  Here’s a clue.

I have soooooooooooooo many pictures to show you, but for now . . . until I can edit them . . . this is what we found while G and I were unpacking and making dinner.

Guess we got a little rain while we were gone.

Of course Pendo found the water-filled wagon and climbed right on in.  Who needs a pool?

Rose wasn’t too far behind, once she made sure I wasn’t going to be angry that she was getting in with her clothes on.

Too cute!

So . . . where did we go?  Any guesses?  IF you know where we went, don’t tell.

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summer toes

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frog hollow

The last time we went to visit Aunt Mel, G and I were able to go out to breakfast for a much-needed date, and Mel and Grandpa took the girls to a fun park.  We hadn’t been to this one before, and we will definitely go back again!

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