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Apparently 101 days in the NICU isn’t free. Who knew? We received a partial statement from the University of Michigan Hospital this week. Thank the Lord for insurance/medicaid.


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Well, Kaily has been home for just over a week now, and she is loving it. The first few nights mom and dad have wondered where those wonderful nurses are, but even with a lot less sleep, we are all very glad to be home.

Kaily has done really well for the most part. She continues to have reflux issues, especially at night. These issues have caused her to have some breathing problems, but she makes a lot of noise when this happens which easily brings mom and dad to lend a hand and get her breathing again. This has really been the biggest concern of her homecoming.

She has seen a few doctors this week. Her meeting with her pediatrician and the visiting nurse went well. She will meet with them again this week. They are just keeping a close eye on her weight gain, reflux, and the breathing issues she had when she was in the NICU. She also saw the eye doctor/surgeon that she saw every other week in the NICU. This visit went well, despite taking almost four hours. Her eyes continue to move slowly in the right direction. She will see the eye doctor again this week. They will be watching her eyes pretty closely over the next few months.

Overall we are all doing great. The last few nights we have been able to get a bit more sleep and are settling into our lives of hibernating for the next few months. We won’t be going out anywhere as a family, except for doctor appointments, until April when flu and RSV season have ended,.

Thanks again for your continued interest in our family…we will post some pics this week of Kaily at home…

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Out of there!

Kaily has come home! She left the hospital for the first time Saturday at 4p. She had a good run in the NICU, she put in 101 days. We are happy to be home and filled with thankfulness to those who gave here care. God is good!

Night one at home was a rough one, but we are sure she will come to enjoy it once she gets used to all that home has to offer. We will update with how she is doing in a few days.

Thanks for all your prayers and support during this really hard and trying time for our family.

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Five more please…

Kaily decided to go for another “episode” last night which every time will get her five more days here in the NICU. She won’t be going home tomorrow, maybe on Saturday, but she’ll have to go the next five days without any funny business…

Pray she will come home soon…She can totally make it by Christmas. We say why not shoot for a week or so before that, but she seems to be making the calls on this right now.

We will keep you up to date on all our “fun”

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This is what Kaily was thinking last Thursday so she decided to have another breathing episode which earned her five more days in the NICU. She was pleased with her actions, mom and dad not so much. If she can remain on her best behavior for the next couple of days she could go home on Tuesday…we wait…

Mom and dad are going to be taking the class that is known as “what to do while you wait for the ambulance” in case she gets home sick for the hospital once she arrives at her actual home. We are sure she will love Saline, but you never know…

we will keep you posted…thanks for checking in…

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