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It happened…

Well, you can’t see God do things you can’t explain unless you put yourself in a position where He has to come through in that way. We don’t often do this because it isn’t comfortable or fun. This whole adoption process has been an exercise in faith that we have never experienced before. We have basically lived on the edge where God has to come through or else the whole deal won’t happen.

Where we left off…S is with child (everything is going well with this, and she is due around Thanksgiving of 2007). Our adoption agency in N. Carolina has a pregnancy policy that has caused our adoption to stop where it is at for at least a year and a half. We have appealed this decision, but were given little hope of it being changed. We have waited over a month to hear an answer on this.

Well, today we heard…We have been APPROVED to continue!!! Can you believe it? It is true! God has done another miracle in our lives that we can actually “touch.” Amazing, truly amazing! We will hold on to this and have it bolster our faith as we move forward. God is real, He is interested in our lives, and He can do things that go against all the odds. What a way to live our lives, not comfortable, but THIS is life to the full!

What now? We are waiting to hear from three more “authorities” that make decisions in our adoption. We need to have our social worker here in our state who performed our Home Study approve of us proceeding. We also need the Kenyan adoption agency and the Kenyan Adoption Committee to give approval. Once again we wait, but God has already moved the biggest obstacle in this matter.

We leave for Kenya in about two weeks to lead the summer program with students from our church. We will go, have a few meetings with some people about adoption, return home at the end of June and start all the paperwork again. We are SO excited to able to continue. Our child(ren) are waiting, and God is going to continue to move mountains to allow us to bring them home.


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