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So that’s why it’s was so quiet upstairs in the “naughty spot”.

Maybe being tired is part of the reason she was being so naughty to begin with.  Maybe.

Um . . . also, she’s supposed to actually be inside the naughty spot.  See that rectangle behind her?  Yeah.  That’s the boundary for our time out area.  This girl is a feisty one.


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After Rose’s quick success on learning to ride a bike, Pendo wanted to give it a try.

She does a great job with balancing on her new bike, but she doesn’t quite understand the pedaling part yet.  We will keep working with her, and I’m sure once she figures out how to make the pedals go around continually, she will also be off and down the sidewalk on her own.

In order to celebrate a great report card for Kait, and super-sweet encouraging Pendo, and a new pedal pusher, we all went out for ice cream.

The perfect ending to a really great weekend.

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biker girl

Last summer G and I decided to buy the little girls balance bikes for their birthdays.  This was taken on Pendo’s 3rd birthday.

Feel free to google it if you are interested, but the idea behind the balance bike concept is that the hardest part about learning to ride a bike is learning to balance.  A balance bike doesn’t have pedals, so you glide on it by balancing.   Both of our little ladies have really taken to their balance bikes, and we knew they were ready to try a real bike this summer.

Long story short(er), one of my friends happened to be getting rid of two 12 inch bikes, the exact size we were looking for.  We gratefully brought them home, cleaned them up, adjusted them then waited a couple of days until we had time to work with the girls on learning to ride them.

Rose got to go first since Mommy wanted to take pictures, and Rose is 10 months older.  🙂

Yesterday afternoon we had the time and the beautiful weather, so we gave it a try.

Rose was determined to learn and ready to go!

Look at that smile!  She was beyond excited to be practicing with a bike like Kait’s.

Pendo trailed behind on her balance bike, cheering and encouraging Rose like she’s never done before.

In less than 10 minutes (probably closer to five), Rose had it down and was riding on her own!!!!

Amazing!   Rose rode her new bike for at least the next hour.  She needs to practice starting and stopping on her own a bit more, and the pedals really scratched up her legs as she practiced that, but she can totally ride a bike by herself now!   She never needed training wheels, thanks to the balance bike.  By the way, she’s only 4 1/2  years old.  I still cannot believe she can ride without training wheels.

Way to go, Biker Girl!

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big weekend

We’ve had a busy, fun weekend.

Aunt Mel came to see us and we celebrated her birthday.  Yay!

We all had fun in her hotel pool on Saturday morning,

then on Sunday afternoon . . . another big thing happened.

More to come on that.

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more spring

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spring is here!

For the past few days we’ve had gorgeous spring weather.  We’ve treasured every minute of it, well . . .not the crazy thunderstorm and tornado and loss of power part.  Other than that we’ve been outside as much as possible.

Grandma and Grandpa were here for a few days, and we celebrated the first bubbles of the year

and the first spring flowers blooming

and the first rollerblades and bikes.

Welcome, Spring!!  We are soooo glad you are here, at least for a few days.

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rainbow delights

Another way we celebrated St. Patrick’s day was making and eating some delicious rainbows.  I found another idea online here and was determined to make it happen.  Their rainbow pudding looked vivid and perfect, so I tried following the recipe exactly.  It went well . .  until it didn’t set.  It just stayed loose, even after being in the fridge overnight.  I looked online to see if I could save it, and I tried cooking it again.  It did finally get thick but the texture and flavor were strange, so we had to discard it.

I tried again with Jello instant pudding.  That worked well except the pudding was yellow so the colors in the rainbow didn’t turn out as I had hoped.  It still tasted good, though.

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