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(Of course it’s not blood.)

(It’s a really deeeeeelightful red velvet ice cream we’ve recently discovered.)


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Summer has officially started.  Well, it actually began last week, but we spent the first couple of days just taking a deep breath and then taking care of three sick girls.  The stomach virus that has been going through our town decided to show up in our home on the first day of summer break.  Let’s just say I’m thankful it only lasted a couple of days, and I’d like to give my washer and dryer a standing ovation for all of their hard work in helping us clean up the messes.  Honorable mention also goes to “Buckety”, our cleaning bucket who also doubles as our puke bucket.

  In other news, I’ve survived my first grad class.  I enjoyed being challenged and learning new things, and I proved to myself that this old brain can still learn things, write papers, produce presentations, and relearn how to use dusty computer programs such as Power Point.  Two days after I turned in my last paper, I was ready to tackle another class.  Good thing since I need to do this another 12 times in order to be certified to teach what I’d like to teach, Kindergarten or Young Five’s.  My man was a tremendous help.  I couldn’t have made it through all the extra work without his stepping up and hanging out with our girls more on his own while I toiled at the library.  Thanks, Love.  You continue to be my hero.  🙂

I think I’m out of my photography slump now that we can be outside a lot.  My main issue was being sick and tired of taking pictures indoors with low light.  Now I have hundreds of pictures that are waiting to be edited or deleted or printed.  That’s one of my summer goals.  Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

My man and I turned this pile of wood into a loft bed for Kait.  G did most of the construction while I hung out with our girls, but I did most of the painting on my own so I consider it a team project.  The finished product looks good, is sturdy, and accomplishes our goals of twin sized beds for all the girls without losing floor space.

Our sweet Rose graduated from preschool and is (most likely) headed for Kindergarten in the fall but I still keep doubting because she’s such a young five and I really don’t want her to struggle in school because we pushed her before she was ready even though she’s totally ready.

I was able to volunteer on Kait’s one-room-school-house field trip.  What fun!

The little girls and I planted seeds for our first official garden.  We are doing this garden with some friends who live fairly close by.  We don’t have room for a garden plot in our yard, so we are sharing a garden in our friends’ back yard.  The plants started out in this egg carton, then they were planted in the garden right after Mother’s Day.

We added our lettuce seeds quite late since it took awhile to finish the raised garden bed.

The garden was going very well until the bunnies found it.  At this point, I’ll be thankful to get some zucchini and a couple of beans.  I’m already starting to think about what we can do to improve it next year.

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