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Once again we have been confronted by the great needs of children in Kenya. S’s mom and her sister-in-law volunteer at the District Hospital here in Kitale. The go twice a week to volunteer in the nursery where newborns are cared for. Often during the months of June and July babies are abandoned in town. This is because food has run out since the last big harvest, which takes place in October each year. Families get desperate and often will leave babies along the road, in bushes, or drop them at the hospital and then leave. P and C volunteer to assist the nurses as they not only care for babies with parents, but at this time of year they also help with these babies who have been abandoned.

This past Thursday a baby around four months old was brought in to the hospital. Some Kenyans on their way to work heard the boy crying. They followed the sound and found him naked on some railroad tracks. They took him to the District Hospital, but there were already too many children and not enough beds or nurses to care for them. When P and C arrived to volunteer, they asked C if she would be willing to take the baby home. They met with the child welfare officer and were sent home with him. He couldn’t leave the hospital without a name, so C named him Isaiah.

What is next for Isaiah? The child welfare officer will try to find him a home. Until then, N and C will care for him. Isaiah is really doing well. He has already gained weight and is much more interactive than when they first brought him to their home. He is a cutie! We pray that they will find him a home soon.

This story could be told many times over with different children. It is disturbingly common for children to be abandoned because their parents cannot afford to care for them. The need is great…we anxiously await the day when we will get to bring our children home!


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