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i lied

So, I lied.

I did not get around to editing pictures and posting them soon.

To be honest, I still haven’t.  I now have over 500 pictures from the last month alone to figure out what to do with.

I’ve been too busy chasing my girls, coming up with fun projects and outings, settling disputes, reading chapter books together with my girls, riding horses, sailing on a boat, going to the park, school shopping, researching and planning new places to take the girls, doing laundry, taking all three girls to swimming lessons, figuring out new hair styles to try on Kait and Pendo, hosting a little shin dig for Rose’s 5th birthday, hosting several play dates with school friends, exploring G’s new-to-him/make-his-childhood-dream-come-true Jeep Wrangler, driving it with the top off, and not editing pictures or blogging and enjoying every minute of it.

In fact, I’m enjoying it so much that I’m seriously thinking of not feeling guilty about not it.  I’m just too busy living life and enjoying my family to have much energy left to blog at the end of the day when everyone is finally in bed and I’m “off duty”.  Not to mention I’m about to start my next grad class in a few days, and I know my perfectionistic/obsessive desire to do well in school.  I doubt I’ll be posting much for awhile.  We’ll see how things go when all of us are back in school.

I have discovered and am enjoying Instagram for those of you who have a smartphone.  I’ve started posting more often there if you want to follow me.  I’m saraaustin123 on Instagram.  I usually tweet the pics, too, if you’d rather look for me on Twitter.  I think my user name is sara_austin on Twitter.

For now, I hope to edit a few pictures from Rose’s 5th birthday and post a couple soon for the grandparents.  Or I might not post anything for a long time.  I’m not committing to anything.  🙂


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