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sand dunes

We just returned from our annual trip to Lake Michigan, but this year was even more fun-filled.  Our closest friends from college joined us for the week.  They have three girls, too, and all of our little ladies had an amazing time playing together.

I’m going to try to post a few pictures over the next several days to commemorate all of our fun, and I’m starting with the afternoon at the dunes.

Colleen wanted her girls to experience some good ol’ Michigan sand dunes since those don’t really exist where they are from.  We had never been to Warren Dunes State Park even though it’s not far from Silver Beach, so we packed up our two mini-vans and headed to the dunes.  It was the perfect, not-too-hot day to explore, and we had SO much fun!

Right before the first ascent

This is harder than it looks.

We made it to the top!  Now for the best part . . . .

running down!!!

After a quick lunch, we were ready to head back into the dunes.  We also decided to add a little geocaching to the afternoon which led us deeper into the dunes.  We never did find that particular treasure (it appeared to be buried in some thick, most likely poison-ivy filled woods), but we enjoyed exploring the dunes and certainly earned the ice cream cones that we enjoyed later that evening.


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