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berries and babies

This week I asked my friend, S, if she’d like to pick raspberries with the girls and me.  She was up for the challenge, so her little Paige joined my girls in exploring a local raspberry farm.

Precious Paige

It took about 45 minutes, but we went home with a nice little bunch that we quickly baked into

a raspberry crisp.

It was a hit!  I hope to head back again before the cooler weather sets in.


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Today G and I worked together to make my VERY favorite dinner . . . samosas!

We were introduced to samosas for the first time on one of our trips to Kenya, and G found a recipe online that totally ROCKS!  Today we were able to use the spices that G brought home from the middle east, and that really kicked up the flavor even more.  I’m telling you, if you’ve never had samosas, give them a try.

Here are the leftovers that are, even now, calling to me from the fridge.

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the star of the day

OK.  Last post about the farm.  Most likely.

Our good friend, B, who owns the horse our girls now adore, was so kind to spend her morning letting us ride Kenya (for real, that’s the horse’s name).  All three totally loved it . . .

. . .but the star of the day was Kait!

She started off with B leading Kenya around, THEN she rode Kenya by herself, while holding the reins on her own!

I think she’s a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit excited about it.  Later she kept saying, “I just can’t believe I rode a horse all by myself!!”

Great job, sweet Kait!  We are proud of you!

Pendo also got a little braver this time.

Thanks for the fun, B, and for sharing your love of horses with us.

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is it just me . . .

. . . or does it look like she owns the place?

This girl, our almost-three-year-old, has no fear of animals–at least not most of them.

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CT and Linders . . . this one is for you!

So WHY are the little ladies kickin’ it?

They had a BLAST at the farm last weekend.  That’s where we saw these guys.

Yes, they are very furry CHICKENS!  Good job to the two correct guesses.  What do you think, CT and Linders?  Maybe Ebenezer Farms would like to branch out?

More pics from the farm coming soon.

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i’m back, i think

What a busy, tiring week.  Last week began with G leaving town for 3 days for a work-related retreat.  That means I get the girls on my own, with no breaks.  Not something I look forward to, but we made it through just fine.  I took the ladies for an outing to a new-to-us pool where we froze because the weather report I checked was clearly wrong, and I helped a friend who recently moved by watching her two girls AND our three for an afternoon of fun.  I just didn’t have the energy to blog for a few days after that, as you other moms with younguns can clearly imagine.

The weekend was really fun, and I have 300 pictures to prove it.  No lie.  I love digital photography and the fact that I can take 87 pictures in a minute and half and only keep the four that I like best.  OK.  G knows the truth.  I keep like 77 of them.  That’s why we need the external hard drive.  Anyway . . . .I haven’t had the time or energy yet to sift through the plethora of pictures from the weekend, so these will have to do for now.

These are the first fruits from our little garden.  Fresh tomatoes, oregano, and green onion.  Yes, G did whip up a batch of his delicious pico de gallo.  OH, YUM!!

Here’s the most recent hairstyle I’ve tried on Pendo.  I really love it.  We’ll certainly try this one again before long.

AND . . . . here’s  a clue as to why I took so many pictures this weekend.

Any idea what THESE are?

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Each summer St. Joseph has a fun tradition.  There is a “theme” for the summer, and local businesses or artists decorate something to display outside all summer.  This year the theme is Hot Diggity Dogs, and we saw many beautifully painted dog sculptures as we drove and walked around town.

Kait’s favorite is this one that says “Paws to read.”

My favorite is the watchdog.

In keeping with the dog theme, we all went to FuzzyButz, a pet store that specializes in baking treats for pets.  Since Macie wasn’t with us on this shopping excursion, we passed on the doggy ice cream and instead chose a couple of treats for her to enjoy a bit later when we got back to the place we rented.  She LOVED the treats, so Kait and I will try to make this part of our annual trip to the beach.

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