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Well, we have heard back from the adoption agency on our news of S’s pregnancy.

We knew this new twist in our adventure would have an affect on our adoption plans, but we weren’t sure as to how it would play out. The news is discouraging. While our adoption isn’t over, we won’t be able to continue for at least a year and a half. This has really been difficult for us to hear as we really feel our kid(s) are waiting for us to come get them, and we were hoping to be on the way to doing that this summer. Don’t get us wrong, we are excited about our child in S’s womb, but we long to have all our kids home. It hurts.

What do we do now? This is a question we have been wrestling with. We have asked our agency if we can appeal this pregnancy policy, and they have said we can. However, they have given us no real hope that they will amend their decision. So, we have appealed. We truly believe this is God’s plan for our family, and we are asking Him to move more walls from our path. The person at our agency who will address the appeal is out of the country until April 12th, so we won’t hear anything for at least a month.

We wait…once again…we wait.


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We have news to announce…Yesterday we found out that S is pregnant! Oh boy…we didn’t think we could have more biological children. God has different plans for us. We receive this news with mixed emotions. We are excited about the miracle of this new life, but we are disappointed at the same time as this could affect our adoption plans. We know God’s plan for our family is to bring our kid(s) home from Kenya; we just don’t know when this will happen due to our surprise.

So what now? Our adoption agency asks that we let them know as soon as possible so they can give us advice on how to proceed. We let our agency know about our changes and are waiting for them to respond. We should know more in the next few days.

We pray that God will work it out for us to press on. Thank you, God, for this new baby.

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