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A few days ago we found a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig ol’ strawberry tucked inside our weekly quart of strawberries.  Both Kait and I had to get the cameras out to record this momentous occasion.

And, yes, it was as tasty as it looks!


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one more

Ok, I’m sure you are sick and tired of hearing about our trip to NC, but this will be the last post about it.  Probably.

The girls had their first experience with big ‘ol tractors.

Right after the tractor fun, we headed out for milkshakes.  It was 80 degrees that day, so ice cream sounded perfect.

And it was.  This peanut butter fudge shake was the best G and I have ever had.

If you are EVER in the vicinity of Cook Out, I would highly recommend purchasing one of these.

I wish I could go get one now.


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more fun with friends

While we were in NC, we went to a great children’s museum.

I don’t know the name of it or even what town it was in, but it was the best kids’ museum I’ve taken to girls to so far.

Dr. Austin is interviewing her patient.

This is typical Rose.  She is our collector and always has lots and lots of things in her hands.

Pendo loved that this costume had a little cookie attached.

Love this one.


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nc, here we come!

Last Wednesday we hit the road right after school.  We spent the night and the next morning with my parents in WV to break up our trip down to North Carolina.  On Thursday afternoon, we rolled into a cute little town in NC to visit with our dear, dear friends who we lived with in Kenya.  Chris and Lindy are missionaries in Nairobi, and we met each other right after we arrived there in March of ’09.  We became fast friends, and they even invited us to move in with them at the guest house they operate just outside of Nairobi.  We enjoyed every minute of our time with them in Kenya.  When we heard they were coming “home” to North Carolina to visit their family, we decided then and there to make a road trip to see them.  The girls and I hadn’t seen them in almost 18 months,  (G did when he took a group to Kenya last summer) so we were all excited to hang out with our friends.

We enjoyed beee-you-tee-ful weather.  They took us to feed some of their friends’ animals.

This is Pendo right before she started crying because she was convinced the horse bit her,

and here she is a bit later.  Watch out for that old rusty nail sticking out right behind your buns!

We also had the privilege of hanging out with 2 of Chris and Lindy’s little nephews.

“Uh, sorry little buddy.  I may be a girl, but I know we do NOT brush our teeth with that!”

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sand shower?

This is what I found my little ladies doing a couple of days ago.

Well, I’ll give them points for creativity.


Just WHY is Pendo dressed like this?

Because we just took a BIG ‘0l road trip to see some precious friends.

More details and pictures to come.

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just like grandpa

two leaptops + one laptop= fun time with grandpa

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st. patty’s day hair

Sometimes I get into the fun of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (the green milk, the shamrock pancakes or cookies, building a leprechaun trap, the mess that the leprechauns leave while searching for their gold, the gold chocolate coins,  and/or Lucky Charms cereal), but it seems like we’ve been traveling on St. Patrick’s Day the past three years.   Same this year, so this is all you get.

I really like this hair style and the bright beads on Pendo,

and doesn’t she look a bit like a mischievous little leprechaun?

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